Black Ollie Set

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Handmade, Rayon

Care Instructions

1. Wash with Care — Wash them separately just in case the colors continue to bleed. Turn your shirt inside out before putting it in the washer. Wash using cold water to prevent dyes from bleeding and be sure to use a gentle detergent formulated to work in cold water.

2. Wash On the Gentle Cycle — Avoid washing your tie-dye shirt with heavy items like jeans. Heavy items will cause friction in the wash, which can make other fabrics fade. Consider using short or gentle wash cycles to minimize friction.

3. Don’t Give It the Chance to Bleed — Don’t leave your wet clothes in the washing machine for too long after the cycle has completed. If you let your wet tie-dye shirts sit, you’ll give colors time to bleed out. When possible, dry your shirts on a clothesline indoors or in the shade. Remember: Sunlight fades bright colors. Avoid drying in the dryer after the first washing, if possible.

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