Handmade 700ml Pure 100% Copper Water Bottle

Handmade 700ml Pure 100% Copper Water Bottle

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99.9% Copper. Not just only pretty colors, copper is believed to have its own benefits such as able to kill bacteria (keep them in the bottle at least 6-8 hours), the Best time to drink water stored in a copper bottle is in the morning on empty stomach.

Despite the benefit, there are some cautions: please do not pour hot water, store milk, juice in it and do not refrigerate the bottle.

Watch Sadhguru in explaining about Copper function in cleansing our system here

When exposed to air and water, it will gradually turn dark or tarnish or possibly looking dull. Please follow the below method to returns its shine:

- Squeeze lemon or lime and remove the seeds from the juice. 

- Add 1 tbs of salt and 1/2 cup of water.

- Close the lid and shake the mixture

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