Apart from enjoying its benefit. Please note that when you’re purchasing our silk sleeping masks and also scrunchies, you’re getting your silk from a trusted farmer/manufacturer in China (for our scrunchies, sleeping & face masks). We have done our extensive research to ensure they’re made ethically and also safe for daily wear. A few certifications such as Oeko Tex Standard 100 and ISO45001 are available to ensure the credibility of our manufacturer.

      And because we keep packaging at the very minimum (each product comes with a pouch but if you need a gift box, you may purchase separately) and deal directly with the manufacturer hence our sale prices from our site are very affordable for premium quality product. 

      They are very soft, durable and definitely a greater investment for your well-being.

      Our kimonos / dresses / scarves / tops print are batik hand-stamped on 100% Mulberry silk, harvested from our artisan silk farm in Indonesia. They are soft, silky and high quality artisan. It can be worn as a robe or kimono, for indoors or casual days. 

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