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The Story

Hi I am Lissy Tari,

Bikini Tari is my creation, born out of my struggle in getting fun & cheeky bikini cutting in the market. Most of the purchases I have made in the past often ended in disappointment; items were different than the pictures, bad sizing or low quality fabric. Purchasing bikinis online is more like a gamble to me, either I was able to wear them or I needed to throw them away. This is also happening to many of my friends and it’s kinda frustrating. With Bikini Tari, I am determined to create unique functional products with great quality material and fun designs! ;)

Anyways, we are based in sunny Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and we ship worldwide, yeay! All bikinis on are in-house designed and handmade. If you may notice, the braided straps in each of the bikinis is what make Bikini Tari design unique and different. It took hours for each piece to complete, and it’s probably longer than usual bikinis. It's true! So I thank you for being curious about Bikini Tari and I sincerely hope that you, #TariSista would love our creation, feel our passion in it and wear them with confident! Not to forget, share your pics wearing Bikini Tari pieces and tag us on Instagram & Facebook.

Much loves,