The Story

Hi I am Lissy Tari,


I am a pole dancer and also the creator of Bikini Tari.

Bikini Tari was born out of my struggle in finding unique, special and functional bikinis in the market. The purchases I have made in the past often ended in disappointment; items were different than the pictures, bad sizing and not long-lasting. There is often no freedom to pick different sizes for my top and bottom – which are different! - And often low quality fabric or stitching. Finally, with the mass production system, I often found myself wearing the same swimwear with others....!

This inspired me to spend time thinking, planning, researching fabrics, patterns (for future release), tailors and coming up with design ideas.

It took a long time, and a lot of investment, but eventually Bikini Tari was born! I hope you will agree that we have created a bikini range which solves all of the problems faced by us girls!


So, what does Tari mean? Tari means Dancing in Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia. Ability to create something to wear for movement purposes also represents our biggest mission - That we are relentless about making the most functional swimwear that you could ever imagine!

Celebrating women of all body types is the core of why we do what we do at Bikini Tari. We are so inspired by the women we surround ourselves with and we aim to share the same, to make you feel good and confident about yourselves, to inspire you to be active, to keep exploring, to chase after your dreams (because Bikini Tari is my dream come true!) and be kind to each other <3


Bikini Tari collections are proudly in-house designed and handmade with love from Bali. The fabrics are carefully chosen to ensure its performance and our collections are also made in low quantity to ensure the exclusivity of our products.

If you may notice, the braided straps in each of the bikinis is what make Bikini Tari unique and different. It took hours for each piece to complete and with the entire process of creation being done by hand, it takes a lot longer to create each item compared to usual/mass produced bikinis.

Our versatile styles and also luxury fabrics also allow you to wear them beyond the beach and pool. Giving you more opportunities to wear them, and a long lasting luxury item to enjoy.


Thank you for reading about us and we hope that you love our creations, feel our passion and desire to contribute into the community, and support us with this journey.


Much love,



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